About Us

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out our page! Altitude Remodeling LLC is a general residential handyman and remodeling company. We are also doing commercial handyman work but currently have no desire to become licensed for commercial work.  We are capable of doing all work pertaining to carpentry (framing, siding, baseboard, casing, doors, windows, cabinets and anything else), Plumbing (subcontracted to licensed plumber who we have worked with for over 10 years), Electrical (subcontracted other than minor things such as changing light fixtures and fans), Drywall (hanging and some finishing, more intricate finish is subcontracted to specialty contractor for best results), Painting (interior and exterior), Flooring (tile, wood, laminate, vinyl and carpet), Roofing (asphalt shingle, tile and metal) and everything in between.  We can also handle those honey-do lists that never seem to get any smaller no matter hard you try.  


We are now a licensed contractor and are in the process of applying for a larger license.  We are also expanding our business service area to include the Phoenix metro area.  We are looking to specialize in a few key areas but are still happy to help with all of your remodel needs as our schedule allows.


We are a family owned business and are involved in the community.  A little about myself I am a finish carpenter by trade and have been doing remodeling since I was old enough to swing a hammer.  My parents were the kind of people who did everything they could themselves and since my father was a civil engineer, a Sea Bee and electricians mate in the Navy there was very little he couldn’t do.  He began teaching me at a very young age and I was able to complete many jobs on my own by the time I had reached my early teen years.  My first job as a teenager was as part of a framing crew in Phoenix which was a solid foundation in the trades and definitely taught me a strong work ethic.  I have built many custom furniture pieces over the years with my father, which is where I developed my love for finish carpentry.  After high school, I served in the Army for 2 years as an MLRS fire direction specialist.  I then have worked in the trades since. I truly love what I do and the transformations we make happen.  I am also rooted here in Flagstaff, my wife is a teacher here and my daughter is a high school student here as well.


We are here to help improve your life by allowing you the time to spend with your family by taking care of those honey-do lists for you.  We also want to help you protect or improve your largest financial investment by fixing those nagging little issues around the house.  We will be upfront with you now and tell you we will not be the cheapest bid and that is because we must charge enough to cover our expenses while providing the level of service we want.  Many others will charge less an hour but they must cut corners or deliver poor quality work in order to make a living.  Our focus is on providing you the best possible end product and we charge what we feel is a fair price to provide that quality.  We have completed background checks for Arizona Registrar of Contractors so you know you can trust us and most of our customers are not home when we complete our work.  As always we look forward to the possibility of working with you on your project!


Thanks for checking us out!