Laminate Flooring Install in Bedroom

Here are some pictures of a laminate flooring job we did for a customer who removed the carpet in the room themselves before we came. This job was completed in one day. The customer had selected a very nice Pergo flooring for this project that I can say I would have been happy to use in my own home!


We can can give you an estimate to put laminate in your home from a single room to entire home.  Our pricing is a flat price that we will quote until the area is larger than 500 square feet then the pricing switches to a square footage pricing.  We can install your pre-purchased laminate or help you select a product for your home.  We do not recommend laminate for installation in bathrooms.  We can remove old flooring for an additional cost.


Flagstaff Bathroom 1

Here are some pictures of a bathroom we gutted to the studs and rebuilt in roughly 3 days.  I will post some pictures of the second bathroom we gutted and redid in the same week.  These were both done in a crazy one-week timeline and would not have been possible without the help of our plumber who was instrumental in getting everything done so quickly.

House we painted in Phoenix

A house we repainted in Phoenix, oh boy were we ever glad it was winter time. We had to prep, replace rotten wood trim and re-paint. This project took roughly 1 week to complete. It was hard to get good pictures of this job due to the fact the house faced east to west which always seemed to create a weird glare but this job was a few years ago and is still looking great!

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